Jim Thayer

Mr. Thayer began his career working with the FBI, and from there moved into the transportation field, working in traffic management for several trucking companies, then into sales and safety consulting.

Following this, Jim’s background includes 12 years of teaching Math at the High School level in both regular education and special education, and 11 years at the University level.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Tech, and a Master degree in Math Education from Piedmont University. He has successfully worked with all types of students from those with learning disabilities to those considered gifted.

Mr. Thayer values each individual equally as a created being of God.  He is a husband and father, who practices his Christian faith by working as an evangelist, and minister.  He has travelled throughout the United States preaching and teaching, and in the South American countries of Colombia and Ecuador, as well as, Russia.

He has a passion for working with children, and helping victims of trauma recover. Because of this, Mr. Thayer and his wife, a retired nurse, founded Moral Lights to reach out to those who have been victims of sexual trafficking, and those who have been caught up in domestic abuse – to provide hope for the hopeless, and support in the recovery and rehabilitation of those victims.